Welcome: The directory is a work in progress, although we are a small community of Afghan therapists, we are out there and Afghans in therapy aim to add more therapists to our directory as we meet them. We decided to start with a relevantly small list as the founder believes in ensuring the quality of care for the Afghan community. All of our therapists have agreed to the mission, vision and values of Afghans in therapy. In addition, they have agreed to the statement found at the end of this page.

DISCLAIMER: The directory is meant to decrease the stress of searching for an Afghan therapist. Afghans in therapy cannot make any endorsements or guarantees regarding the professionals listed. Afghans in therapy encourages you to visit their profiles, websites and ensure it’s a right fit for you. All questions about specific therapists must be directed to them. The therapists may not be currently accepting clients-consult their websites for this information.

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The Directory

a Nowruz gift from me to you-accessibility with finding culturally relevant healing spaces.

“Reaching out for support and beginning therapy is often the hardest. I hope you can push through that initial discomfort and take that first step. You deserve to feel connected to yourself, to heal old wounds and to move forward with your life in a grounded and meaningful way.”

All of our therapists have agreed to the following statement:

“- I am an Afghan therapist registered with a regulatory body and legally/ethically able to provide psychotherapy/mental health services in the location I have specified. If at anytime my registration status changes I am solely responsible for notifying Afghans in Therapy. 

– I am committed to providing culturally responsive and anti-oppressive therapy that values the aspects of an individual’s cultural identity, including and not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, social class, religion/spirituality and language.  

– I am aligned with Afghan in Therapy’s mission, vision and values:”