How can I be a guest on the podcast?

I am so grateful for all of you who would like to be a guest. At this time there are guests booked for season 1. I will update the website, Instagram, and this answer when and if there are openings for guest appearances.

Where can I listen to the podcast?

You can listen to the latest podcast episode right on the website linked here. Or you can find us on Apple, Spotify and more platforms. You can view other platforms the podcast is on here.


What is a the therapist directory?

The therapist directory is a list of Afghan therapists who offer psychotherapy services and is meant to make your search for an Afghan therapist less stressful. You are encouraged to view their profiles, their websites and ask them questions if you have any. Please be mindful that some do offer sliding scales but these are fee-based professionals, and although you’re encouraged to ask questions, be respectful. The directory is not intended to be a list of mental health professionals who offer free services. Afghans in Therapy does not answer specific questions related to the services offered by the professionals. View the directory about and disclaimer for more about the directory.

How do I use the directory?

There are a few ways to use the directory. You can press “VIEW ALL THERAPISTS” and you’ll get a list of all our therapists from A-Z. You can search through our categories by country by pressing “Canada” or “USA” and when we have other categories they will appear here. In the search bar you can search by therapist name and language (keep in mind once you press “FIND THERAPIST” -the drop-down menu for “search by country” does not filter in combination with the language and country). Use the “AFGHAN THERAPIST DIRECTORY” option to return to the directory. This may sound complicated but relevantly easy to use once you’ve explored the options! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Why don’t I see a therapist near me?

Although we Afghan therapists are a smaller number we are in many places, meaning it may take some time for us to add a therapist near you. Please check our website frequently and follow our Instagram for updates to our directory.

Is the directory worldwide?

Yes, it is. Currently, all of the therapists are based in so-called North America (I am hoping to expand). Regulations, qualifications and how folks can provide service varies in different countries which is why having service providers outside of so-called North America may take some time. This is also where our allied professional’s list could be of support. 

I am a therapist. How can I join?

We are so happy to have you join us. Simply use our directory and click “ADD LISTING (JOIN THE DIRECTORY)” you will then be redirected to the next steps. Please keep in mind every therapist is required to agree to the mission, vision and values of Afghans in therapy (found on the homepage) and statement found on our directory (bottom of the page) before they can be listed in the directory. This is to ensure collective transparency and safe spaces for Afghans.

What’s the fee for therapists to join the directory?

The directory is free for this year since this project is funded through the government of Canada, Rising Youth, AYEDI. However, this will most likely change and you will be notified when it does (no payment information will be taken when submitting for this year).

What is required to join the directory?

You must be legally and ethically able to provide psychotherapy services and at this time is for direct providers. If you work within community sectors, individuals must be able to directly book with you.

Is the directory only open to psychotherapists/counsellors?

At this time, yes. I plan to create an allied professional listing or directory within this year or the next. Stay tuned.

I am not Afghan but from the SWANA region can I use the directory to find a therapist?

Yes! I know so many of us SWANA folks have experiences that merge and understand each others struggles, if you feel an Afghan therapist can support you I welcome you into this space, kin!


How can I support Afghans in therapy? Do you accept donations?

Want to support our work by making a donation? You can send it through here: Paypal If you prefer e-transfer please send a message to us through the ‘contact us tab.

Have a question you don’t see the answer to? Contact us